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Electronic fishes

What have fishes got to do with electronics and electricity? More, than you think!

The exhibition "ELECTRONIC FISHES", which was created in Galicia (Spain) in the years 2008 - 2010,  is dealing with:

  • Electric fishes, which have got electric organs and utilize electricity as a means for communication, orientation, localization, courting, hunting or defense.
  • So-called “Bionic fishes”, which are fish robots having fishes as biological models.
  • Bioluminescent marine organisms, which utilize light e. g for attraction of prey, communication, illumination and camouflage.

This exhibition is (on the one hand) the result of the fascination exerted by the sea and the marine world of Galicia on the author and (on the other hand) the authors double formation as a chemist and a painter, which have led him to relate Art and Science since many years. This journey between two different worlds has brought him from “bionic” visions of the human being and the domestic animals to the "Electronic fishes". To realize this exhibition, he referred himself to his knowledge on luminescence, sensors and bionics. And he inspired himself in the nature of Galicia, its abundance of catch in fishing and the fishes of the Aquarium Finisterrae in A Coruña, where he made many sketches for his paintings.


The technique used is a mixed one, and the paintings, acrylics on canvas, contain electronic components such as curcuit boards, cables, solar panels or light-emitting diodes. The works are accompanied with short scientific explanations on the depicted ideas and, some of them, with culinary notes.

Finally, and as an anecdotic detail, it has to be mentioned that preparing the exhibition converted itself into an enjoyable journey through the gastronomy of Galicia, since the habitual process consisted of the following steps: visiting the fish shop, studying and drawing the selected fish, cooking it and enjoying it as the circumstances demand ... So, octopuses, hake, albacore, John Dory, sardines or ray fell victim to his brushes. This procedure has also converted the author to an outright ambassador of good Galician cuisine.

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