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Scientific career

1962 - born in Graz (Austria);
1980 - 1987 studies in chemistry at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz;
1986 - diploma thesis at the Institute of Organic Chemistry under guidance of Prof. Dr. Otto S. Wolfbeis in the field of analysis utilizing fluorescence methods; degree of a Magister rer. nat.;
1987 - 1989 – doctorate thesis at the same institute under guidance of Prof. Dr. Otto S. Wolfbeis in the field of fluorescence-optical biosensors; degree of a Dr. rer. nat.;
1989 - 1990 – civil service; working with mentally and multiply handicapped people at the Lebenshilfe Steiermark;
1990 - two weeks visit at the Universities of Florence and Rome in the frame of a scientific exchange action of the EC (EC Concerted Action „Chemical Sensors for In-Vivo Monitoring“);
1990 - 1991 – research scientist at the Institute for Optical Sensors at JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (field of work: development of optochemical sensors);
1992 - 1993 – post-doctorate fellowship of the EC (Programme: Science) at the University of Florence (Italy) at Prof. Dr. Marco Mascini (Analytical Chemistry Section); 14-months work in the field of development of electrochemical biosensors;
1993 - 2002 – research scientist at JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH at the subsequent institutes: Institute of Sensor Interfaces, Institute for Chemical and Optical Sensors, Institute of Chemical Process Development and Control; fields of work: development, test and evaluation of new analytical measurement systems (based on opto- and electrochemical sensors) for various applications such as environmental control, bioprocess control, packaging control and for medical purposes.