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The bionic man

For more than 10 years Wolfgang Trettnak was active in the field of applied research in the development of measurement devices, which were mainly based on the measurement of changes in colour or luminescence of a material:
  • Sensors to measure physical parameters or chemical substances
  • Biosensors on the basis of biological processes or materials

One of the primary goals was to use these devices in clinical applications.
In this period a lot of prototype instruments and electronic modules were developed, which were continuously replaced by more recent developments over the years and so got superfluous with time. Therefore the idea arose to “recycle” these interesting and unique materials and to integrate them into the works of art.
Starting from Trettnak´s scientific work and his knowledge on the on-going developments in medical research and engineering, and since “man” had been one of his artistic main topics in the past years, it seemed obvious for him to integrate these new materials into human figuration.
The painting media acrylic paints and acrylic pastes, which already had been used extensively before, allowed the creation of relief-like structures and the integration of a large variety of materials such as electronic components (in the kind of a collage or assemblage) into the paintings.
This was the start of a fascinating journey into the world of “the bionic man”. Series of paintings originated, such as “Modern Styrians” (2002 – 2003), “Modern couples” (2005) and “Bionic men” (2007 – 2008).
Although the work seemed to be highly visionary and utopic at the beginning, it resulted that the reality was far more progressed than it was thought. It even seemed that the artist’s phantasy was lagging far behind the actual developments in medical technology and engineering …

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