"LUMEN LUMINIS" - Luminescent objects and installations

In his scientific work and for more than 15 years Wolfgang Trettnak was dealing with luminescent dyes, their properties and their applications in measurement techniques (so-called “sensors”). In addition, his chemistry background showed to be useful also for application of these dyes in his artistic work. So, under the title of “LUMEN LUMINIS”, in the past 10 years have been created a number of luminescent objects, with a steadily increasing complexity and, finally, luminescent installations with programmable illumination and music.
These luminescent objects and installations have been created in great part in cooperation with Paul O’Leary, who is professor and head of the Chair of Automation at the University of Leoben. He has been active in the field of electronic measurement techniques (some of them also based on luminescent dyes) for more than two decades. His experiences with light sources, their control and with the automation of processes are essential for the realisation of installations and for the illumination of the objects. In addition, Paul O’Leary is a wood enthusiast, who shows a lot of skill and feeling when working with wood. He is responsible for manufacturing a lot of the wooden parts of the luminescent objects.


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