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Modern pets

Humans have tried to manipulate domestic animals, to control them, to transform them according to their own wishes and to adapt them to themselves since thousands of years.
Pets should not only be our “best friend”, but they also should serve as a substitute for partners and children, as sport and leisure tools, transport vehicles, food factories, toys and for many other purposes.
To reach these goals, simple selection in breeding is not considered as sufficient anymore. Nowadays, genetics, cloning, biochemistry, synthetic biology and veterinary medicine must help. No dog without electronic chip is allowed anymore! And sometimes animal robots are preferred over real animals, since they are cleaner, safer, frugal and less sensitive.
In continuation and in parallel to the series of paintings related with the “Bionic men”, in 2007 the series “Modern pets” was created, which gives a future vision on domestic animals.
The paintings in acrylics, into which were integrated electronic components and a number of other materials, are accompanied by additional plates, which give details on the “functioning” and the hard- and software of the programmable and controllable pets.
As with the paintings of the “Bionic men”, it has to be mentioned, that reality is on the way to catch up with these visions quickly …

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> Pet user manuals (PDF; 725 kB)

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